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About Us


We care about our cycling community in the UK


We want to develop UK's cycling community


We enhance your visibility around you


So, we improve your cycling experience

Cycling Nation

Join us if you are a biking and cycling fan

We have a purpose

We promote cycling in the UK, in all aspect of it. We are a group of cycling enthusiasts who care about promoting cycling culture all around the United Kingdom.
BikenCycles.com provides a virtual medium to connect three groups of biking community in the UK.
  • Bicycle fans and consumers
  • Bicycle technicians
  • Local bicycle stores and businesses


Bicycle Fans

Our mission is to provide a better visibility and enhanced communication among our community members. We help bicycle fans to locate and access their local technicians and local bicycle shops. We enable them to provide feedback for the service they received and elevate the quality of the jobs done in our cycling community.

Bicycle Technicians

With higher cost of commercial real estate in the UK, more technicians start working from home i.e. freelancing. BikesnCycles.com provides an online front page that allows Cytechs and bike technicians to present their skills on the web. We help them shine and show up top rank on Google and other search engine results. We help them with promoting their unique skills through local SEO and digital marketing.

Bicycle Stores and Businesses

We put bicycle businesses right in front of their customers. Their profile on BikesnCycles.com will be reachable through Internet hence will be at access of thousands of people who need bicycle spare parts, apparels and accessories.

We Promote UK's Cycling Community